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Residence of the Assistant High Commissioner

Residence of the Assistant High Commissioner

The residence is located within a distance of 1.5 kms from City Centre under the jurisdiction of Kandy Municipality. The total area of the property is 32 perches (8625 Sq. ft.)

The main building of the residence consists of a two-storied section with a single storied section attached to it. There is also a double garage. The architectural style is typical of Sri Lankan residences constructed in 1950s what is today known globally as ‘Tropical Modernism’. The style emphasizes bringing together elements from different times. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are often erasedpaying close attention to how the design environment interacts with the climate and the needs of the users.

The residence belonged to Mr. William Gopallawa, the last Governor-General of Ceylon who was also the first President of Sri Lanka. In 1970 the building was hired for the use of the then Assistant High Commissioner Mr. A. K. Bhuddhirajah. In 1984 Government of India purchased the property from the legal heirs of Mr. William Gopallawa.


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